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Seasonal Menu

We're Better. We're Fresher.

There is plenty of choice on the menu for the whole family – with dishes for vegetarians and vegans, to those who have special dietary needs, such as dairy or gluten free.  And because we are very much a dog-friendly pub, we also make sure there are free treats for our canine friends available too!

A little something to start you off

OLIVES        3.00 




Starters & light lunch

CHEFS HOMEMADE SOUP served with a cottage roll      5.00 (V, VE, GFI) 

HOMEMADE FISHCAKES served with salad garnish, creamy sweet chilli dip & lime wedge      6.50 

TOFFEE APPLE CAMEMBERT oven baked and served with rustic bread      8.60 (GFI) 

CREAMY STILTON GARLIC MUSHROOMS served on rustic bread      6.50 

HOMEMADE SUSSEX SMOKIE smoked haddock in a homemade, rich white wine & cheese sauce, finished with a poached egg & served with rustic bread      6.60 

TASTY TRIO honey & red wine chorizo, patatas bravas & frittata with rustic bread      7.00

HONEY HAM HOCK & APRICOT TERRINE served with salad garnish & gherkin      6.50 (GFI) 

Lunch time cottage roll

A choice of a fresh white or multigrain traditional cottage roll, served with salad garnish and a side of rustic chips. Gluten free roll available – please inform your server.

Vintage cheddar cheese with caramelised onion chutney   6.60 (V)

Gammon ham tomato, salad, and Dijon mustard mayonnaise       6.60 

Vegetarian sausage with caramelised onion chutney      7.00 (V & VE)

Bacon & brie      7.00 

Brie & cranberry      7.00 (V)

Homemade sausage & caramelised onion    7.60 



HANDMADE PIE OF THE WEEK served with seasoned herb mashed potato or rustic chips, fresh vegetables & seasoned jus     14.00 

HAM HOCK with free-range poached eggs, mustard mayonnaise served with rustic chips & a dressed salad garnish     12.80 (GFI)

GRANDAD’S HOMEMADE SAUSAGES served with homemade onion marmalade, gravy, herb mash potato & fresh vegetables      13.50 


BEER BATTERED LOCAL COD battered with ale from our bar to make a tasty, crispy batter served with skin on chips, seasoned mushy peas & homemade tartare sauce                   Smaller   9.50    /    Main    13.00 

BAKED COD AND WINTER RATATOUILLE seasoned cod on a chunky vegetable ratatouille and kale      13.60 (GFI) 

Fish has been sourced locally from fishmongers, while we request the fish to be de-boned, we cannot be 100% sure that all bones have been removed, please bare this in mind when ordering and eating 

Chefs Dishes

ROASTED SEASONED CHICKEN served on a bed of Polenta seasoned with truffle oil & Parmesan served with mixed roasted vegetables      13.00 (GFI) 

SPICED APRICOT BELLY OF PORK served with kale, herbed diced potatoes & jus       14.00 (GFI)

GAME STEW served with herbed mashed potato & vegetables      14.00  

Full Of Goodness Vegetarian

VEGAN SAUSAGES served with herbed mashed potato, gravy & fresh vegetables      11.00  (v) 

AUTUMN CAULIFLOWER BRAISE with potato and spinach served with Indian style bread, homemade onion bhaji & fresh tzatziki dip      12.50 (V, Vegan without the dip) (GFI) 

VEGETABLE STEW with seasonal vegetables & pearl barley served with kale      11.50 (V, VE) 

From the Grill, our tasty burgers

HOMEMADE SEASONED BEEF BURGER topped with Monterey Jack cheese & smokey mayonnaise, served in a brioche bun with salad, a side of skin on chips, homemade slaw & finished with beer battered onion rings      13.50  (GFI) 

BUTTERMILK CHICKEN BURGER served in a brioche bun topped with BBQ sauce with salad, a side of skin on chips, homemade slaw & finished with homemade beer battered onion rings      13.50 (GFI) 

HALLOUMI SWEET CHILLI AND TZATZIKI BURGER topped with red pepper and salad served in a brioche bun, a side of skin on chips, homemade slaw & finished with homemade beer battered onion rings      13.50 (GFI) 

Side dishes, perfect for sharing with a drink

Chips    3.50 (GFI) 

Cheese chips    4.00 (GFI) 

Parmesan and truffle oil skin on chips    4.00 (GFI) 

Loaded chips, a large bowl of chips topped with chorizo, caramelised onion & cheddar cheese    6.50 (GFI) 

Stilton & caramelised onion topped skin on chips    5.50 (GFI) 

Garlic bread    3.50 

Garlic bread with cheese    4.00 

Onion rings    4.00 

Side salad    3.50 (GFI) 

Roll & butter    1.50 (GFI) 


Children’s 3 course meal




Light bites

HAM SANDWICH with crisps   4.00 

CHEESE SANDWICH with crisps    4.00

HUMMUS, SALAD & CARROT with crisps    4.00 



SAUSAGE & MASH made with our homemade sausages served with peas or beans and gravy    5.50 

BREADED CHICKEN chips served with peas or beans    5.50 

GAMMON HAM, EGG & CHIPS served with peas or beans   5.50 


ICE CREAM     2.50 


CAKE OF THE DAY    2.50 



Chocolate board- a mix of sweet, salty & chocolate treats with a chocolate Ganache to dip great for sharing     1 person   5.50   /   2 people   9.50  

Why not add an Espresso martini    8.50 

Lemon tart    5.50 

Syrup sponge pudding    5.50 

Chocolate fudge cake    5.50 (GFI) 

Apple crumble    5.50 

Berry swirled Crème Brûlée with raspberry sorbet    5.50 (GFI) 

3 scoops of Marshfield farm Ice cream or sorbet    4.50 (GFI) 

Cheese board    8.00 perfect for sharing (GFI) 

Coffee and cake    5.00 

We also offer a selection of barista style coffees and hot drinks 

Allergen notice

Please ensure that you inform a team member of any allergies or dietary requirements you may have before you place your order.

We follow a good hygiene practice however, while a dish may not contain a specific ingredient/allergen, due to the range of ingredient used in our kitchen, foods may be at risk of cross contamination by other ingredient. Please ask a team member for more information.

(V) suitable for vegetarians
(VE) vegan friendly
(GFI) means the dish is made with ingredients that do not contain gluten